Haha, guys, isn’t my behavior and lifestyle so unhealthy?

Haha, I bet it’s more unhealthy & negative than yours, lol, like omg kill me! I haven’t slept in 63 straight hours, it’s crazy, and like, my mom is worried about me. I bet your mom doesn’t worry about you, but she worries about me because like, I’ll drink a Rockstar at 10 am & shit…

Also, my grades are so bad, I fall asleep in class, like, I can’t even control myself (probably unlike you, ’cause you probably slept for at least 2 hours last night which is, like, “omg I wish I could be you” because again, to reiterate, I haven’t slept in 3 days). Did I tell you my sleep schedule is fucked? Oh, and also my grades are bad. I haven’t even started this thing & it was due a week ago (and I haven’t even started it).

Yeah, also, I game. I was gaming so hard last night, I was like gaming until 8 am… Yeah, my mom woke up before I even slept… (because I was gaming.) (All night.) (Unlike you.)

I also haven’t been taking my heart attack medication like I’m supposed to take it for my life-threatening heart condition, but I just haven’t, bro. My lifestyle is like so fucked…

I haven’t brushed my teeth in two years. They have all rotten away ’cause I don’t give a fuck, I wish I could be like you with all your teeth intact, haha, but nah. Did I mention instead of drinking water like a “normie,” I spend $20 a day just to drink energy drinks? Haha, I know I’m bad, but they taste so good & I probably drink like 3 a day… Like, feel me, like, I’m probably shaking. I’m tired all the time (unlike you).

Like tbh, I’m the guy at the party in the bathroom boofing meth. Did someone mention hard drugs? Yeah, I would unironically pay hundreds of dollars & take those if someone offered. Haha.

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