That’s it. That seals the deal. I’m”Morbius” movie, I wish it always existed!!!!!!!!!! Morbius is such a good movie, it’s helped the minds of thousands, and it’s making the life of my children better. Everywhere I go I see people shouting wonderful remarks like “it’s morbin time” or “Did you know morbius sold 9 Morbillion tickets?” That’s REAL. Randomly my child will shout “It’s morbin time” this is acceptable. he’s done this in public, and at school, and the dog is even safe! My house is covered in MORBIUM, me and my husband could take it and He’s USA’s #3 most wanted and has been screaming morbius quotes and has came in every theater with morbius! It’s even become a tiktok trend now, with people putting morbius in cum jars and filling it up with their seed. I love it. I’m gonna start morbing anytime soon. I will become a morbius, I can’t live without seeing morbius everywhere. morbin time, MORBIUS!!!!


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