1800s Power to UK Mansion House

I am trying to find images or drawings of how mansion houses were powered in the 1800s and early 1900s (pre 1920) and hoping someone can source it for me, as despite me searching cannot find anything, maybe I am using wrong keywords but maybe someone else can have luck.

Basically the place I am trying to research has a mansion house in rural scotland and half a mile away from that was a building called “Battery Shed” and “Engine Shed”, the engine shed had some sort of engine/fly wheel/dynamo on a large concrete block and next door was a place that has the battery cells and accumulator.

It is presumed the engine powered the battery cells and the power from them was fed to the mansion house to supply the 110v power supply.

As to what kind of generator/engine was used that is the big unknown question, but I did see that Cragside has a very similar looking Power House building and the generator/cells could be similar. But unlike cragside the mansion house i am investigating does not have a hydropower setup

There was however a private water supply fed to the house from a large circular water tank on side of hill (another half mile away from that engine building) so there is a possibility that may have been used to power the generator/engine but as to how that could have been done is unknown. (the location of mansion house was not near a river or running water, so conventional power wheel would not be used)

it is a large round tank, 7 Meters in height, 6 meters water height, 14 meters in diameter
going by the size of the tank it would seem a bit excessive for just water to the mansion house, thats why i am thinking it may have had something to do with the generator, but how that would have been done is a mystery that I am trying to find out.

If it was not water how could this engine/generator have been powered, obviously coal is an option but nothing suggests that may have been used, and the same with has nothing suggests a facility or gasometer on site.

Water was fed into the tank from nearby hills and water fed to mansion house and associated buildings by quite large cast iron pipes so certainly the tank was used more than just for mansion house toilet and sink supply.

So taking everything into account the round water tank seems to be the key object of use.

So has anyone seen anything like this setup in images/drawings/plans? either engine/generator and/or batteries?

This is layout plan of the building in question


Power may not have been got from the power grid until early 1940s so taking that into account then batteries/generator may have powered house but its the how would generator have been powered that is baffling me.

To have a power house and battery cells obviously was important. I just cannot figure out how it was powered and this is why I need some other input from others as they may know something i would not know.

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