Best books on The Troubles/Northern Irish Conflict…that offer or even focus on Unionist/Loyalist/British perspectives

I’m currently invested in reading up on The Troubles, but I find that most books approach this period solely from the Nationalist/Republican perspective. This, to me, is where the meat of the history lies, but I’d like to ensure that I’m seeing the period from all angles, insofar as this is possible.

For example, I’d like to learn a bit more about Ian Paisley (whatever your thoughts on him may be) and, separately, the inner workings and structure of and personalities (e.g., Gusty Spence) comprising the UVF and other Unionist paramilitary groups. I also think it would be fascinating to know about the conversations that were occurring in Downing Street, for example, leading up to rulings by the ECHR finding that certain measures taken by the British army in the 80s constituted human rights violations against Northern Irish Catholics; e.g., to what extent was Thatcher, a known Unionist sympathizer, involved in the decision-making processes that led to such violations?

Can anyone recommend books that delve into Unionist/Loyalist/British perspectives on The Troubles and/or general Northern Irish conflict?

Graduate-level/academic readings are preferred, but I will take any and all recs.

Thank you!

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