Gravestones were used by the people to build houses

Gravestones were used by the people of Cluj-Napoca in the construction of many houses. The city wall was sold in the 18th century and people bought the stones with the commitment to demolish it, and then obviously used those stones to build new houses. This is also the case of a plaque that can be found at house no. 15 on Baba Novac Street – “Itt fekszik Pécsi Tölcséres János leánya, Kata. AD 1585” – “Here lies Kata, daughter of Pécsi Tölcséres János”. The year 1585 coincided with one of the worst plague epidemics to hit Cluj-Napoca and the city administration decided that from that year onwards they would no longer allow burials inside the city walls. That is practically the year in which the current central cemetery, Hajongard, was inaugurated.

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