How did Poland, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia create the Visegrad Group?

The Iron Curtain falls and the landscape of Europe changes.

Then you see these three nations, Poland, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia scrambling for an alliance and form the Visegrad Group in 1991. They were quite quick to do it, weren’t they?

You would think that these nations, as soon as that curtain dropped, would be under German and Austrian hegemony once again but they managed to avoid that. How were they so apt at forming this union and consolidating their political interests when they were so young?

The last time these nations had any semblance of autonomy was way back in the interwar years and even then their sovereignty was hanging by a thread.

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  1. Germany didn´t dared in it´s worst nightmares dare to think of being a hegemon last of all of Poland or Czechoslovakia!

    Every politician who dared to made the slightest hint in that direction would be an deader than dead paria in no time.

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