Husseini Brahmins & the Battle of Karbala

The matter of Husseini Brahmins (Mohiyals) and their participation in the Battle of Karbala seems to be quite controversial. Arab historians Tabari, Masud and Yaqubi who are known to be very meticulous have no record of Rahab Dutt and his army.

I have a few questions I hope you can help me with:

1. We know that Ali bin Hussein’s mother Sheher Banu was brought to Arabia from Persia as war booty with her two sisters. Sheher Banu married Hussein, and her two sisters married the sons of Omar and Abu Bakr. But was there a fourth sister? Arab history doesn’t tell, but Indian/Pakistani/Persian lore mentions another sister who was sent to India where she married a king. Her name is Meher Banu, but she changed it later to Chandra Lekha. From a purely genealogical view, did Sheher Banu have a sister who married an Indian king?

2. If she did, did Ali write to her (Meher Banu) before marching to Karbala, asking for help? And can his letter really be found in a museum in Rajasthan?

3. why is it that this incident is deeply rooted in Asian culture yet there is no record of it in Arab history?

4. Much of Husseini Brahmins’ story seems to be based on oral narration in Taziya. Are there any trusted historians who have approached this incident academically and backed it with historical references?

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