In today’s world, if a large part of a country is occupied by invaders, chaos ensues. Armed rebellion breaks out, ultra nationalistic leaders rise to power, hate spreads. The Romans lost half of their territory in many points of their history. Did something similar ever happen in their society?

After the treaty of Versailles, germans didn’t really lose a whole lot of their native lands. But Germany still saw the rise of Hitler. Men flocked behind him because he promised recovery. Modern Armenians are also known to be hyper-nationalistic. Hate and Rage become prominent among the people of israel-palestine, Pakistan-India, Greece-Turkey etc when there’s a conflict.

And when a large part of a country is annexed by the invaders, things become really heated up. Poles revolted against the German rule, the balkan wars fall in the same category. Imagine a situation where southern England is taken by the Germans in ww2 ; what’d be the reaction of the British populace and the government? I assume it’d be something really unprecedented. They’d try desperate measures to push the Germans back, I assume.

Now can we draw parallels to these events in the Roman state? I am precisely talking about the fall of the west, the Arab takeover, the turkic takeover, and then the sack of Constantinople. Did the populace ever march behind a man who promised to reclaimed the west (Justinian didn’t really get a whole deal of popular support when we compare it to the nazi cult Hitler built), what of the Arabs? Why didn’t the Egyptian, North African, Armenian, Levantine and Mesopotamian Romans revolt frequently against the arab rule? Why did the authority in Constantinople brush aside the *minor* problem of Turks loose in anatolia to look into other problems? Why did the generals start multiple civil wars one after another when the whole of Anatolia was lost ; which was home to the majority of native romans, and had been at roman hands for 1100 years?

And also what was the reaction of the general populace in all these? Did they show enthusiasm for a reconquest? How did they react when they learnt the roman empire had shrunk to 1/10th of its former size? Did they develop a strong racial hate towards goths, vandals, arabs, Turks and the Latins (whichever was the prime enemy in their time)?

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