Looking for historic examples of a siege strategy from a video game!

The question rose up from this thread: https://www.madghosts.com/r/Bannerlord/comments/tqkbc6/pro_tip/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

For those who are interested, Bannerlord is a RPG/strategy game that takes place in a fictional medieval world loosely based on the Byzantine Empire. The OP shared a strategy that he uses as a wealthy warlord, where he wants to conquer a city, so he first enters the city as a merchant, purchases all the food available and then returns later with his army to lay siege and starve them out quicker. I know cities historically had lots of food reserves, but this still seems like it could be a viable real strategy to shorten a siege. As long as the city merchants had no idea of the ill intentions. Can anyone think of a real world example that worked like this??

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