Manzikert: Grand Battle that decided the Empire or culmination of unsteady resurgence?

So I was looking into eastern Roman history again and noticed just how much the empire recovered over 200 years. In population, territory, and even annual revenue everything seemed to be improving relatively speaking.

Yet, following Manzikert, it seems massive gains were made into the country by the Seljuks and other states. (Correct me if I’m wrong)

1. Was Manzikert the climactic battle akin in which the fate of the Empire was decided or was it simply exposing a house of cards as the foundation for resurgence was built on unsteady growth?

2. What was the current political situation like domestically and externally beyond? I believe it was tenuous but… I might be downplaying it’s importance.

3. Did the empire’s military never recover from this? Or was it mismanagement, corruption and other foreign invasion that prevented recovery?

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What do you think?

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