Romania: Trove of Gold Hair Rings Buried in 6,500-Year-Old Woman’s Grave

Romania: Trove of Gold Hair Rings Buried in 6,500-Year-Old Woman’s Grave

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  1. Archaeologists in Romania have discovered an extraordinary cache of ancient gold rings worn in the hair of a 6,500-year-old woman.

    A team from the Ţării Crişurilor Museum in Oradea, Romania, discovered the trove in a Copper Age grave, which included 169 gold rings, 800 bone beads, and an ornate spiraled copper bracelet, according to the Romanian outlet Agerpres: [–962674](–962674)

    The research was carried out this year on the road connecting Oradea and the A3 highway of Romania.

    Between March 29 and June 25, MTC archaeologists conducted archaeological research with the assistance of other organizations, under the direction of Dr. Călin Ghemiş (Museum of Ai Crisurilor), Dr. hab. Molnar Kovacs Zsolt (Faculty of History and Philosophy of Babeş – Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca), Dr. Adrian Ursuţiu (Archaeo Center UBB – Institute of Archaeology and Art History, Romania.

    >According to the archaeologist Dr. Călin Ghemiş, the coordinator of the archaeological sites, the gold hoard is the most important and relevant discovery from an archaeological and heritage point of view.

    “Extremely rich for the Copper Age period,” estimated somewhere around 4,500 BC.” he also adds: [](


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