The history of the English language, particularly in the written form?

I’ve known a lot of ESL (English as a Second Language) people in my life, and they almost all universally say English is easy to speak, but they have difficulty reading and writing it.

Maybe I read this somewhere, or I’m pulling it out of thin air, but I have to imagine that comes from the fact that most of the early English speaking educated class where taught in Latin and French. I figure as the printing press became widely used there was disagreement on a codified grammatical structure.

Is there any truth to this? As a native English speaker I still have daily disagreements with myself on grammar/spelling. I’m college educated and am just one of those ppl who can not remember all the crazy rules of English grammar/spelling.

Side note while I was in the Army I encountered many wives that were native Germans, and they spoke pitch perfect English. Some of them you would be shocked to find were not born in America. They would have almost zero accent. They would always speak with the proper tenses and pluralizations, something I found trips up most other ESL speakers.

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  1. I think the main Problem that many ESL People face is the Fact, that English lacks a consistent Phonology. I mean, just look at Worcestershire Sauce or Colonel. This is worsen by the Lack of an Institution that regulates the english Language like the [Zwischenstaatliche Kommission für deutsche Rechtschreibung]( (Please correct me if I’m wrong and something like this exists for English). Furthermore could the Mass of regional Variations that all can be read online also make it harder for People to learn the right Way of reading and writing it. Another Reason why English is difficult for some ESL Persons, could just be the Difference between their native Language and English. German and English are both west germanic Languages (although English was quite influenced by French), so that could explain, why the german Wives would find it easy to use the proper Grammar. The last Reason I could think of would be the Quality of Language Education those People recieved.


    So, the only Influence that the History of the English Language could have on this Situation, would be the Inability of the English to change the written Words to reflect the Changes is the spoken Language (Worcestershire, I’m looking at you).

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