Was sparta only memorable for their warrior culture? How was the life there compared to the other city-states? Where they really inferiors on all other manners?

How where they in terms of development? Philosophy? Laws? Equality? Economy? Etc…

Was the only thing really memorable about them their warrior culture, where they really inferiors to the rest of greece in development of other things? Or does the idea of them only being warriors, and being considersably less advanced in everything else when compared to the other greeks hold true?

I’m asking mainly because I found out some info about them having considerably better women’s rights, the women where educated, could leave their homes, and where capable of receiving inheritance which from what I know wasn’t something that really existed on the other city-states and makes me wonder, apart from their focus in war? What else did they have? I cannot imagine that was the only thing they developed apsrt from a warrior culture.

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