What are some hilarious or bizarre trends, styles, or fashions throughout history?

There are some really unique trends and styles out there. The ones that really come to mind for me include:

* English high society loved to imitate and copy Alexandra, then Princess of Wales, in the 19th century. After she procured a limp from a bout with rheumatism, people began to adopt a fake limp as a fashion trend.
* It was reported that Queen Elizabeth had rotten and black teeth from all the sweets she ate. As sugar was a luxury, people would go on to copy this look by painting their teeth black to show off all the sugar they could afford.
* Codpieces… just look that up.
* I particularly love the “Macaroni” style from the famous “Yankee Doodle” rhyme. It’s based in reality, a fashion trend in the 1760’s saw aristocratic men downing massive wigs topped with a feather or comically small hat.

I’m wondering what other obscure or hilarious trends or fashions have existed throughout history? Particularly those that are hard to find with a simple google search.

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  1. Really long-toed shoes in the 14th-15th centuries. Some shoes got long enough that the wearer had to tie the ends to their calves to avoid tripping. There were local laws across Europe setting a maximum allowable length for those pointy toes.

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