What is the last war of aggression between major powers where the aggressor was victorious?

I love history but in a casual sense. WW1 & 2 the aggressors lost the war, Napoleon was the major war I remember before this which the aggressors lost.

I understand there was a war to open Japan, or Japan taking over china which may have been wars but I can’t remember the last time a Major power like the UK took over and held another country for over 100 years.

Ancient history is full of this, wars of aggression between major powers which were victorious for the aggressor. It seems to me that aggressive wars were much more successful in the past. When I think of Rome, the Mongols, the Huns, Alexander. It seemed that wars of aggression built empires in the past and there wasn’t that united front which seems to stop this for a few hundred years now.

When was the last time something like a top 15 major power taking over another completely and holding it a long time happened?

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