Who is your Favourite Diadoch (Successor of Alexander the Great) and Why?

The Partition of Babylon (and arguably the even more important Settlement of Triparadisus) took the already incredible conquests of Alexander and divided them between those closest to him – they who became known as the **Diadochi** (Successors).

What followed were countless battles which played out in three **’Successor Wars’**, culminating in the establishment of multiple Hellenistic kingdoms spanning Europe to India which, in some cases, lasted hundreds of years before succumbing to their various conquerors, mostly Rome.

I’m recently getting back into this period more seriously as a Classicist who’s touched on it a few times before, and it seems like there’s a real debate to be had as to who was most successful and why.

I’m talking all Diadochi here: obviously there are the likes of Ptolemy, Seleucus, Antigonus, Cassander etc., but there are many others who played a serious part in the fallout from Alexander’s death: Eumenes, Polyperchon & Queen Olympias to name a few.

*In the context of their surroundings, personal intrigues, ‘legitimacy’, longevity, or sheer military prowess – what do we think of these various incredible figures?*

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