Why did the Spanish crown do very little to improve Florida and California?

It’s a bit interesting how these two places, valuable for their strategic positions were neglected by the Spanish crown, both the Habsburgs and the Bourbons.

They focused on Mexico, the Caribbean, and the coast of Peru and Panama. Yet if they put a little bit more effort, they could have taken advantage of the vineyards in California, its great plains and, of course, its gold. Had they put any effort into improving Florida, they could have grown cotton and tobacco and possibly even head south to capture alligators and use their skin and meat as a commodity, like the Dutch did with the beaver pelts in New Netherland (New York), or use Tampa Bay or Florida Keys as a big trading network with its other colonies.

Moreover, it’s incredible to see how they could not bridge Mexico and Florida and thereby have complete control of the Gulf. But alas, this did not happen and France was able to establish settlements in between.

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