Why did the Western Roman Empire choose Burgundians and Goths over Egidius

So its interesting how in the reign of Libius Severus and Ricimer; the empire decides to fight Egidius with the help of the settled Goths.

What was that about?

Ravenna promised the Goths the port city of Narbonne in exchange for helping crush Egidius.

Now I understand that Egidius was seen as a usurper carving out his own little kingdom in Gaul, but wouldn’t it make more sense to team up with your fellow Roman and crush the Goths altogether?

A joint army of the Gallic and Italian troops could have easily taken down the Goths. One pushing from the east, another pushing from the north.

There was also the Burgundians who got Lyons in exchange for fighting Egidius as well.

But this whole thing seems to ridiculous to believe. Why would the western roman government give land to the barbarian Burgundians and Goths in exchange for fighting a fellow Roman who had the support of Constantinople?

It seems so petty and counterproductive.

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