Why did we allow Christopher Nolan to get away with making the Battle of Dunkirk seem so dull?

Currently reading Case Red “the collapse of France” by Robert Forcyzk and Nolan isolating the evacuation to a tiny stretch of beach, one British company, one fighter pilot and a civilian boat seems to do the entire event a disservice.

Now I am not saying the sound design and cinematography werent top notch but when I took my American father and Japanese wife to see it they just left the theater confused. History buffs can obviously fill in the blanks but what was Nolan trying to accomplish by limiting the battles scope and brutality?

The Dunkirk perimeter itself was a cauldron from the 1st French Army fighting to the last bullet at Lille, the Cold Stream Guards pointing bayonets at comrades to prevent retreat, to the shelling of Dunkirk and its port itself. 1,000 civilians died in the city yet the opening scene is a British trooper running through what looks like a deserted town.

Just seems like a massive missed opportunity to show one of the most harrowing events in modern times.

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