Why was it that none of the senior leaders of the Manchukuo government and high ranking military officer and there family were able to escape into exile before the state collapsed?

Hello friend and geniuses,I have a question that I have been wondering for a while.The Empire of (Great) Manchuria exist from 1932-1945 a Client state/Puppet state/Buffer state setup by imperial japan,after the end of WW2 the soviet invaded it and it cease to exist.The question I am asking to day is why the military and governmet security agency fail to protect it highest and most important individual,the best example is the emperor of manchukuo puyi he captured by Red Army troops while attempting to flee by plane to Japan I mean what he the emperor if you know anything about leader sercurity is that is it very tought and thick the soviet must penetrate so many layer of protection and apparently the got him by accident it wasn’t even in their original plan to capture him and it even stranger when I look at the other people who are supposedly highly protected like generals and minister,when I look up it seem like no one in the manchukuo govermet even the highest and most important people manage to escape when it fall and you can’t say they didn’t have time to have trained them but 13 year is not much time for a newly formed country to doing anything significant and special but having good protection is not one of them,the imperia family have the imperial guard which was trained by the kwangtung army and armed which the best weapon,sure most of the manchukuo military is very undisciplined and low moral but still they could at lease have some professional protector.There are no document of people that involved in the government or military and there family that try to escape in fact there are no case of thing like mass escape or evacuation even made and I am not just talking about supporter of sympathizer if you research about war for a while you know that it is normal for people to be scare and panick when THE COUNTRY THAT YOU LIVE IN IS BEING INVADED especially that we all know the USSR and later the PRC don’t treat “traitor” well and nice so escaping is something that at less should happend in some scale, like when saigon fall in 1975 many people fled the country,but in this case I haven’t been able to fine even a story or an interview or anyone that manage to esape,except for some japanese settlor that somehow fled back to japan but some still got left behind,it really weird the every documentury that I watched they only have japanese manchurian.Please fellas give me a good theory other than they are incompetent idiot that didn’t do their job that they are paid for :).

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