How can I improve this joke I wrote?

A man one day hears a buzzing noise from the spare bedroom in his house and when he goes to open the door it’s locked. His wife walks out 15 minutes later looking very relaxed and he asks her what that noise was.

She tells him its the new vibrator she bought and its amazing! The next day the man hears the same buzzing noise and again his wife comes out looking very relaxed. This continues every day for 2 weeks.

Concerned about this, the man calls a sex therapist to ask if his wife using a vibrator every day might cause any issues.

The therapist asks: “Are you still having regular sex as a couple?”

The man replies, “Yes.”

The therapist then assures him he has nothing to worry about.

One day the wife is at the grocery store by herself when a very attractive stranger approaches her and asks her if she’d like to hookup with him.

She responds, “Depends, how good are you at making buzzing noises?”

\- I’d appreciate any feedback you might have for me, I’d like to improve.
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Addressing some common comments:
1. Thanks for the concerns but don’t worry I’m not quitting my career to try becoming a comedian. I just like to tell jokes to family and friends, usually during one-on-one conversations.
2. Yes, one liners are great but I enjoy telling stories so long-form jokes are my thing. If someone can’t listen for 3 minutes during a one-on-one conversation then that’s not someone I’d like to continue talking to anyway.


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