How did you become happy?

How did you become happy?

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  1. There is no shortcut to happiness, but these are just a few things that helped me.

    Understand that it’s okay to be selfish, and it’s okay to make decisions that place you as the sole benefactor. You don’t have to do what’s best for your friends, or your family, and certainly not whatever job(s) you currently have. This isn’t to say that you can’t be generous with your time and help others, but when it comes to your big life decisions, they should be for you.

    Work on improving yourself, and make sure it’s for yourself. Your motivation for self improvement matters, because the only consistent factor in your life is going to be you. If you want to learn a new skill, be healthier, or even escape an addiction, it needs to be because it’s the thing you want for you. Not your friends, not your family, and certainly not whatever job(s) you currently have.

    Eject things, especially people, from your life that make you miserable with no return. This is the hardest part, because it means you may have to make some of the most difficult decisions you’ve ever made, and your friends and family may not agree with what you’re doing or your reasonings. But you are only responsible for your happiness, not the happiness of your friends, your family, or whatever job(s) you currently have.

    None of this happens over night. It takes time and opportunity to practice to truly create a mindset where you allow yourself to come first.

    You are allowed to come first.

  2. I wouldn’t say that I’m completely happy. Still got a lot of bs going on but I’m glad to say, that I’m more happy than I’ve been the last 8 years.

    My mother kicked me out (for a really stupid reason tbh) and now I’m living with my boyfriend and have zero contact with my family (except for really important stuff like insurance and my car and so on) and i feel so relieved and happy about that.

    I hope my life will continue to go up 🙂

  3. Stopped listening to other people tell me what I should do, and started doing what I actually wanted to. For me, that meant staying single and getting in shape and working towards a new career I’ll be happier with even if it pays less. It looks different for everyone. But definitely stopped listening to all the shoulds

  4. I learned to not give a fuck about insignificant people in my life, and dispose of those that were toxic. I also learned to make friends carefully. So now I have few, but good friends, who make me happy. I also learned to appreciate smaller things in life, and I always try to motivate myself with something.

    I’m feeling really happy as of now. I’m single, but that’s a thing that will only change if I do something about it.

  5. Got properly medicated (bipolar), got off my butt and back to work, and got my boyfriend back…it’s a good life we’ve got together now. I went through many ups and downs for about 7 years dealing with stuff but finally feel content 🙆🏻‍♀️

  6. Slowed down my life, before bed every night I said 3 things that day I was thankful for that day (could be small things but I did that for years), told myself everything was going to be okay, started living in the moment, then I was happy.

    Shortly after that I met my now wife then we got married, had kids and the rest is history.

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