How do you cope with knowing death is inevitable?

How do you cope with knowing death is inevitable?

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  1. To me, I’m a lot more afraid of the idea of living forever, so I’ll take death as an alternative lol.

    Also, for me, it’s kind of comforting in a way to think that nothing would really have as much meaning if we had infinite time to do it.

    I used to actually have a *really* bad fear of death, but over time, I’ve learned to come to terms with it more. It still scares me sometimes, but I’ve definitely learned to accept it more lol

  2. Takes a weight off, actually.

    We’re the result of cosmic coincidence. Think about how large the universe is. Our lives are infinitesimally insignificant. A bunch of rocks collided, organic molecules appeared from the primordial soup, and bam, habitable planet.

    You just happened to be a sapient sack of meat in this corner of the universe. We will affect many people, just as small as us through the course of our lives, and still have no significance in the bigger picture. And that’s fine!

    You happened to be born into this world. Make the most of it. The shortness of our lives and the grand absurdity of our existence is a comfort. Impermanence means the good is precious, while giving reassurance that the bad is not forever.

    Basically, just a whimsical way of saying- death encourages us to give meaning to life. Live right by you and your fellow humans since we’re all trapped in this mortal coil together.

  3. Some days I want it to embrace it like the father I never had and wished it came now.

    Other days I want to avoid it like my father that hasn’t come back from the grocery store.


    I’m fine for those asking.

  4. To me dearh is a comfortable thought, it’s the single constant in this chaotic world. No matter how successfull, no matter how badly you fuck up, all will be facing the great equalizer sooner or later. Might sound edgy but it feels better than trying to stress through everything I want to do in life just to miss out on truly enjoying any of it. When I die it’s all over so I’m going to work with what I’ve got and then rest.

  5. I’m 45 and all the worst things that have ever happened to me have happened in the last 6 years. These days I’m looking forward to it and I really hope there is no afterlife because I’m sure that would get tedious after a while also.

  6. There’s nothing to be gained by letting it get you down.

    If this is all just chance that we were given this life, it’s a gift to be enjoyed if you can.

    If you are religious, and believe in an afterlife, then you also have something to live for, right now.

  7. The fact that I find eternity terrifying has made the inevitability of death a comfort. I don’t want to live forever, or even much longer than a normal human life. I’m about 1/3 through and judging by how I’m feeling about it already I think another 2/3 will feel about the right time to go.

  8. Inevitable death is a motivator, not something to fear.

    Our time on this earth seems infinite, but our lifetime is a mere blip on the timeline of the earth. Our time is short. Get out and do things! Go see things you want to see. Learn to see the beauty around you. Love generously! Make an impact on another life!

    When your time comes and you take your final breath before becoming dust, you should be able to look back at life and say, “that was fucking cool!” Do what you can today to be able to say that tomorrow.

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