I geniunely love bigger women.

No it is not because I have no other options. No it is not because I want to be dominated by a Dominatrix. No it’s not because I was fat in my early days. I still love them after loosing weight.
I just fucking like them. I am not a beta settling for a “Low value women”.
All my life I have been drawn towards bigger women. I love taller, thicker, heavier in all regards.
I love it when they have cute fat rolls I can bite into. I love it when they have cute bellies I can rub. I love it when they have thick thighs with natural stretch marks. I like seeing my woman as an embodiment of Mother Earth. Voluptuous and Fertile.
You could give me a any “standard model” and someone like Ashley Graham to date I will go for AG all the FUCKING time.

I am sick of my peers trying to tell me that I am a weirdo.
Fuck you!

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