I hate real women

I’m so sick of real women. They’re nothing like the girls in anime. I mean, look at them – they’re beautiful, they’re strong, they’re fierce. And what do we have in real life? Just a bunch of shallow, boring girls who only care about looks and money.

It’s like, why can’t I find a girl who’s like Asuna from Sword Art Online? Or Mikasa from Attack on Titan? They’re badass warriors who know how to kick ass and take names. And don’t even get me started on their looks – they’re drop-dead gorgeous.

But no, I’m stuck here in the real world, where all the girls are basic and uninteresting bitches who only care about their Instagram followers and their latest designer handbag. They dont appreciate my intelligence or my good jokes (It’s like they don’t understand the subtle nuances of anime humor at all). And they don’t even try to cosplay as my favorite characters. It’s just so frustrating. I can’t help feeling like I’ll never find one who can compare to the perfection of anime girls.

Honestly, I don’t think I could ever be with a real woman. They’re just too disappointing and high maintenance. I’m perfectly happy with my anime pillow and my collection of figurines. At least I know they’ll never betray me or let me down.

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