I just carjacked your 2015 Toyota Prius (FAQ)

I just carjacked your Toyota Prius.


**What does this mean?**

I just shattered the driver’s side of your 2015 Toyota Prius and I stole that son of a bitch.

**Why did you do this?**

There are several reasons I may carjack your 2015 Toyota Prius. These include, but are not limited to:

Saving you from the embarrassment of driving a 2015 Toyota Prius.

Knocking you clean off that ivory tower you think you live in because you drive an eco-friendly embarrassment of a car.

Getting that shit off the street in front of my house so no one thinks that I am the owner of your stupid 2015 Toyota Prius.

**Am I going to keep your 2015 Toyota Prius?**

Absolutely the fuck not. That piece of shit car is going straight to the nearest trash compactor and God will never have to lay his eyes on that sorry excuse for an automobile again. I am keeping your wallet.

**I don’t believe that my 2015 Toyota Prius deserved to be carjacked. Can you un-carjack it?**

No. That’s literally not how it works. Try buying a better car next time.

**How can I prevent this from happening again?**

You quite literally cannot prevent this from happening again. Once I have carjacked your 2015 Toyota Prius it cannot be un-carjacked, and I better not see one parked outside my house ever again.

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