If God gave you his powers for 1 hour, What would you do?

If God gave you his powers for 1 hour, What would you do?

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  1. Erase all existence of religion.

    Cure mental health.

    Make everyone just one color, probably royal purple or maybe candy apple red cause they’re cool car colors. Metalic Brandywine is also a cool color, I have an hour to think about it so no rush.

    Bring back my dog Champ and some friends I’ve lost.

    Fix the planet’s health.

    Pretty sure I could do all that in an hour.

  2. 30 minutes of giving myself the powers of a Demi god super strength speed good looks etc. for after I lose his power and 25 minutes of making my friends and family immortal then 5 minutes of tormenting the person I hate(story for another day) in a fiery inferno

  3. I would make my speech problems and skin problems go away. I would then give myself a PhD in Wildlife Biology and make myself fluent in Norwegian. I would then move to Norway and make myself extremely attractive with a good job and make myself a little bit older like 25 and have a stable job as a wildlife biologist. I would then make friends with my celebrity crush. As you can see I imagined what I do if I had God’s powers.

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