If multiple sexual partners were socially acceptable, would you have more than one? Why or why not?

If multiple sexual partners were socially acceptable, would you have more than one? Why or why not?

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  1. A good friend of mine has like 9-10 sexual partners at this moment. Every guy knows about each other. She has like the most exciting sexual life ever, and nobody gets offended because she is very clear. I always been in long term relationship, but i would love to try to live a week like her

  2. Not if I were in love, personally.

    Multiple sexual partners can be seen as a sign of dominance or prestige to some. Can be fun too.

    But if I were in love with someone, and truly committed to them, in the form of a relationship, I couldn’t do that.

  3. Isn’t it sorta already? You mean more than one relationship?

    I’ve been poly and it was great when someone wasn’t jealous or making assumptions about one of my other partners or making problems for one of my other partners. Unfortunately things weren’t going that well often. If socially acceptable means other people are in an emotional state where they can handle it then maybe. I have mixed feelings about polyamory and I also have mixed feelings about monogamy so… I’m not sure.

  4. No I wouldn’t.

    This question acts like the hypothetical partners are sex robots that you can just turn on and off at your whim for sexual pleasure.

    These partners are people, as in they have other needs besides sex. Physical non sexual needs like hugging and kissing. Emotional needs like listening to their day and providing emotional support. Intimacy needs like going on dates, spending time together and enjoying mutual hobbies.

    It’s hard enough to do all of that consistently with 1 partner on top of all the other adult responsibilities adults have. If someone was trying to do that with 3+ people I don’t know how they would even find the time.

    And if someone doesn’t want to do all of that other stuff and just have a lot of casual sex, nothing is stopping them from doing that right now.

  5. I like the idea of it, but in practice it’s probably more trouble than it’s work.

    I love my wife and our relationship. I commit a lot of time and effort to it. It would be fun to get to have sex with other people, but it wouldn’t be fair to my wife to commit less to our relationship, and it wouldn’t be fair to whoever the other woman is to commit absolutely zero time, effort, or care to her.

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