Incel looking for a gf

Hi I am a German-Irish from Maryland looking to get my d*ck sucked by a girl who lives close by can be any neighboring states.

Your part:

• You download Kik and Skype, add both of them, (Skype is found on Kik background, send yours just incase.)

• You do not block, lie, leave, logout, ghost or ignore me.

• You setup a date to meet in real life, mall, public place, your choice as long as I am comfortable with it.

Trolling attempts are going to be verified through many means, by calling to hear your voice, getting to know you a bit more and showing a birth certificate or and ID, that I happen to get suspicious.

My part:

• I’ll work out and get a fit body. (before the succ)

• I can drive out very far, can make any accommodations requested, i.e: paying for your gas.

• I could work towards a future and get a minimum wage job.

To make this CLEAR:

• I am NOT looking for an online relationship.

• Do NOT message me for anything temporary.

• You are to meet within a WEEK. What I’m into and I kinda think is cool:

• Being wanted not for my face but for my body, maybe all of it.

• A dominant female, one who is obsessive?

• Having some weird kinks I suppose.

I am not tolerating: autistic, bipolar or any form of mental illness individuals, trumpers, republicans, democrats, liberals, marxists, communists, drug addicts, drug users, racists, self-diagnosing individuals, pathological liars, trolls, religious individuals, LGBT, BLM, you go to college, you brag about working a job, you use social media too much, narcissists, egotists, toxic feminism, animal vegan rights activists, saying I’m satire, irony, just here to fuck around with me, ask me if I’m okay, checking on me, not wanting anything, you have lots of friends, excuses, no time, etc.

If something makes you a intolerable piece of shit. Just don’t message me.

From experience for the past several years, these are all signs of toxic behavior, and every relationship I gave a chance to these groups, have ALL fell out.

You have to meet up with me in real life, to gain my trust and respect. That has the possibility of me superseding everything and respecting you for who you are.

I *_______* declare that I will not: block, lie, get bored of, leave, ghost, ignore, delete or logout of any apps, let anyone influence or interfere my decisions, and am going to have patience. I shall validate who I am and swore to download Skype to talk to you on and have time to talk to you every week. I will call you every other day. I also am going to go with you to an anime convention from Maryland or Virginia in real life.

Social media:*_______*

*Phone number:_______*

Full name: *_______*

I verify all this information is true and I am held responsible for any lies, deceptions or attempts at trolling. I am not here to pity you, I am going to state why I am here messaging you.

Reason you’re messaging / What you want: *_______*

*I fully understand that this is a relationship.*

*Signed: x _______*

*This contract self destructs after you’ve been around for a month and have met in real life.*

k ik – german heretic (no spaces) 20+

*Make sure you have fully read my message before adding and have my Skype added or I am going to block you.* FYI: I can check when you logout of apps, when you block me and when you delete me. I can check very fast.


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