I don’t have an award to give this comment but it’s golden. I award you a “diamond in the rough” award (imagine an animated sparkling diamond appearing from a white cloud *like poof, it’s there* on a golden badge that cost me half my karma) as it is a FINE comment in a cyber-jungle of teenage mayhem plaguing the majority of unfunny, snide, karma-seeking gibberish of a comment section we deal with on this sub and many others. I would also like to award you with a second imaginary award in place of a real one for this comment. The second award is advertised as the “holy Moses award”, which is another award, again featuring flash animation, this time with minute pixels respresenting a famished and exhausted crowd of Jewish Egyptians making the arduous trek to the promise land and another \* POOF\* cloud and you see a bearded man in a blue cloak and long beard and crazy white hair representing Moses holding a ten commandment tables above his head and then finally flashes to the image of an animated burning bush, representing the Christian God, God.

Congrats on the wittiest comment I have seen on here in a while. I actually chortled a tiny bit making my reaction of LOL truthful and not just an computer-chat acronym thrown in at the end of a sentence to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed your contribution to my time here in this computer based twisted representation of reality cherry picked by moderators and commenters who are more skilled than I when it comes to mashing the keyboard in an attempt to quickly get a message across and noticed by the populus before it is quickly wicked into the electric sink hole that is any comment section with more than 50 existing messages of encouragement, nonsense, comedy, tragedy, and a plethora of other attempts of capturing the minds of readers and contributors that surely will follow-especially if the post displays some sort of viraltism which is forever sought after since the dawn of the internet by the likes of all walks of life, and a few chicks. Huzzah! And enjoy my prestigeous invisawards!


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