The Sims 4 Common Errors Troubleshooting – The Ultimate Guide

Hey everyone! So I spent the last 2 hours writing up this guide for common problems you might encounter while installing or launching The Sims 4. Obviously it’s a small list and by no means exhaustive. If you feel there’s anything I missed while writing this list then let me know in the comments and I’ll add it to this post and of course credit you. I hope you all find this helpful!

General fixes (for all errors)

  • Pause your antivirus and/or add The Sims 4 installation folder to the exceptions list of your antivirus. If you’re able to, go into the files which were removed by the antivirus you’re using and restore any of the Sims 4 files which were removed
  • Run the game as an administrator: Right click “The Sims 4” icon on your desktop, and then select “Run as administrator”
  • Disconnect your internet and try launching the game with your internet disconnected.
  • Install the latest version of DirectX
  • Install the latest version of Microsoft Visual C++
  • Make sure you meet the game’s minimum system requirements. You can see them here:

Error: orangeemu64.dll was not found / orangeEmu.dll was not found

  • Your antivirus probably deleted the orangeemu.dll or orangeemu64.dll file. Make sure you have paused your antivirus then
  • Go to and redownload the orangeemu.dll file
  • Extract the files to your desktop and then move both of the extracted .dll files into your installation directory for The Sims 4. If you don’t know where that is, then right click on The Sims 4 desktop shortcut and select “open file location”. Drag them into the folder which should open up.

Error: My Sims 4 game is not saving! 

If The Sims 4 doesn’t save your progress, make sure your antivirus is not deleting the files inside of the “saves” folder. You can add this folder to your Antivirus exclusion, but this depends on the antivirus which you’re using.

Error: ”The content of your user data directory were created by a newer version of The Sims 4 and cannot be loaded. Please update your game via Origin to play”

  1. Go to your The Sims 4 folder where you installed the game. If you don’t know where that is, then right click on your Sims 4 shortcut on your desktop and select “Open file location”
  2. Open the “Bin” folder
  3. Delete “Default.ini”
  4. Launch the game

Error: MSVCP100.dll is missing

  • You need to download and then install the latest version of Microsoft Visual C++
  • You can get it from here:

Unable to Start, Initialization error at startup: [xxx]

Solution 1 – close your antivirus

  • Most likely, your AV has deleted important files which is leading to this error. Disable your antivirus and try to recover the files which are deleted from your quarantine.

Solution 2 – clean your registry

  • Download the software CCleaner and use it to clean your registry then restart your computer
  • When it opens, run The Sims 4 as administrator

Error: No space left to install

The drive/harddisk which you’re installing The Sims 4 in has no space left. The Sims 4 is a big game and even bigger with the DLC/expansion packs, so you’re going to need to make more space for the game. Delete any files/games/software you don’t need and then try to re-install.

Error: I can’t access The Sims 4 Gallery

  • Make sure you are connected to the internet and then try again
  • Still not working? If your version of The Sims 4 is cracked, you will be unable to connect to the gallery.

Error: “Origin is not running” or “Unable to start: Origin is currently not running. Please make sure that Origin is running before attempting to play The Sims(TM) 4 [xxx]”

This is a problem which you usually get with pirated version of The Sims 4.

Solution 1: If you have (or ever had) Origin installed

  • To solve this, you want to completely uninstall Origin on your computer. Just uninstall it in your control panel normally (if you have it installed). If you don’t know how to do this, go to your start menu and type in “uninstall” and click on the first result that shows up. Then, search for “Origin” in the list of installed software, right click it and then select “uninstall”.
  • After, you also want to delete cached files of Origin so go to C:Usersappdatalocal
  • There should be an Origin folder. Delete
  • Then go to C:Usersappdataroaming
  • There should be another Origin folder. Remove it as well.

Solution 2

Rename the installation directory of The Sims 4 from “The Sims 4” to “The Sims4” (WITHOUT the space between “Sims” and “4”).

Solution 3

Move your installation folder of “The Sims 4”, out from Electronic Arts, and drag it into Program files (x86).

Is there anything I missed? write it down in the comments below and I’ll try to add it!

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