Locked in my closet on a massive bender

Hey yall in a bit of a predicament at the moment I got into so legal trouble jerking off in my car in a parking lot a little bit ago and now have a warrant out for my arrest according to the georgia state warrant website. Even had a cop car waiting outside of a my house a couple days ago. Moved my car to a friends house a while back and my girlfriend has been on vacation for the past week and won’t be back for another 5 days so I’ve had the whole place to myself.

I closed all the blinds and haven’t dared to turn on a single light to burn through a good chunk of my drugs before I end up in the pen for a little bit.

I fashioned the laundry room closet into a masturbation cave and even mounted a tv on a wall and have been vaping a-pvp and using my new fleshlight and rubber ass that I bought off amazon. Got a huge bulk supply of lube so I don’t blister my dick and about 50 grams of raw viagra powder to keep my penis erect and functional at all times.

Probably went through 3 grams of pv in the past two days and haven’t sleep a minute. Only way Ive been able to keep the paranoia and anxiety from all this pv down has been vaping fetty powder and popping a bar ever 8 hours.

My little cave I made utterly reeks of semen shit and all the various fluids I’ve been excreeting from my body. The mattress is soaked in sweat but in my mind its the comfiest place in the world right now.

I have a scat fetish so I took a dump on a plate and have it sitting in the closet with my to really turn the perv up even more. Just the smell of shit in the air has just made this experience just so much more erotic.

Been watching breeding gift giving parties porn vids where gay dudes give aids to one another. Got into the bug chasing kink recently for the past 12 hours or so of my fap session and have been watching some good fucking content people!!!

Anywho probably going to turn myself in at the police station once I run out of drugs and who tf knows when thatll happen. I’ve got enough food to last another two weeks so I’m basically set until my gf gets home.

Im going to walk into the police station without showering after my benders done so that pig fucks can put their filthy hands all over me when I’m covered in semen and drug residue. Jail is going to fucking suck and I’m probably going to end up on the sex offender registry but oh fucking well I’ve got enough drugs to last me for at least another week so I give no fucks until I run out!

Wish me luck ladies and gents!!

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