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God 3’s jinge is so much worse. The stage itself sucks too, why did they simplify it so goddamn much?!? I liked how the old one mostly revolved around either having to defend the mid area by identifying every possible enemy entry point and trying to defend it, or, alternatively, platforming to find the best entry point to mid yourself, sometimes even mid-combat, it was SO unique, one of my favorite maps in 1. All of that has been reduced to 2 crappy platforms to the side of each spawn point that nobody ever uses because it’s a dead end and objectively a TERRIBLE spot to be in if the other team controls mid because there’s only 1 entry point and it’s laughably predictable, and a generic ‘2 spawn points leading to big fight on mid’ structure, except it’s even WORSE because it’s the size of a nut. The mid area being relatively small in 1 worked because A, the spawn areas were way bigger and B, the sides had all those platforms connecting to spawn that I talked about earlier, but in 3? The spawn areas are small and the platforms are non-existent, so basically, that measly mid area has been made into the WHOLE damn map, and your ONLY real option is to bruteforce into it from the main path, that’s all there is to it. It not only takes away what made it cool in the first place, it straight up doesn’t work! Not my Mahi Mahi.

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