Many hobbies have a “Holy Grail” object, what is this for your hobby?

Many hobbies have a “Holy Grail” object, what is this for your hobby?

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  1. A stock, unmolested 1GB Eagle Talon, AWD TSi (panda black on white)

    Explanation for non car nerds:

    Most people have heard of Mitsubishi EVOs.

    If you’ve heard a little more, you know people tune the hell out of them, often cause the engines to blow up or crash them.

    Back in the day, Chrysler (their logo is a 5 pointed star)
    And Mitsubishi (their logo is 3 diamonds) made a joint company to make cars in the U.S. The company was called Diamond Star Motors. Very often abbreviated to DSM.

    They had a factory in Normal, Illinois that made a really sick sports car sold under 3 names for 3 different companies.

    1G (cough 1st generation, 1989-1994)

    Plymouth Laser
    Eagle Talon
    Mitsubishi Eclipse

    2G (1995-1998)
    Eclipse GSX (2G GSX is actually the green car from the first fast and furious)
    Eagle Talon
    (No Plymouth laser)

    They were all the same car mechanically with very minor differences, but they were one of the first small affordable turbo sports cars in the u.s.

    The Mitsubishi (Eagle GSX) and Eagle (Talon AWD TSi) offered top trim models with AWD and a turbo 4G63, the LEGENDARY turbo 4 cylinder that also powered all the Mitsubishi EVOs except for the evo 10. (Custom billet drag engines based on the 4G63 have made 2000 HP out of 2 liters of displacement)

    The first gen had pop up head lights, EXCEPT for the last year with a face lift, giving them fixed headlights. (Hence 1GB to denote 1st gen without pop up headlights)

    Finding any DSM car that hasn’t been crashed or modded to hell and back is near impossible even for a king’s ransom.

    Finding a 1994, unmolested, in the specific best color scheme (panda black on white) is near impossible.

    I want a bone stock one as my old man show car, but I’m not holding my breath.

    TLDR: a non blown up or crashed DSM (2 door older brother to the Mitsubishi Evo. Came to u.s. in 1989 but we didn’t get the evo until 2006 I believe)

  2. There’s a number of hobbies that I land in where the grail objects are very much a matter of taste. Take something like fountain pens – for some it’s a rare vintage pen, for others it’s the perfect writing experience, and others want something custom made by a specific artist or material. I tend to chase the best writing experience so… I don’t know what it is until I find it.

  3. I have a bit of a different hobby than most people.

    Back in the early 80’s, when I was a kid, I really enjoyed going into the woods and looking for the Holy Grail from Christianity. And, by “Holy Grail” I mean the actual cup that Jesus took his first shit in. Or something. Not really sure. I’m drunk as shit.

    But…anyways. I thought it woule be cool to find the Jesus shit cup. But I never did.

    Anywho. I stepped on a lot of thorns, so I’m a bit sensitive about the whole thing.So fuck off.

  4. For Tiki drink fans, it’s either:

    * Wray & Nephew 17 Year, the original rum used in Trader Vic’s Mai Tai recipe. The drink was so popular that Vic depleted the entire world’s supply of it in 3 years and had to switch to blends of other rums.

    * Kohala Bay. A dirt-cheap plastic bottle rum that was used for decades by the Mai-Kai, a famous Tiki bar in Florida. Never receiving a wide distribution market in America, it went from rare to nigh-impossible to find when the line was unceremoniously discontinued in 2016.

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