Pacheri, Iza4k, Knightofhumanity, whatever your name is… look, can I call you “Mimiffstress”? Yeah, I’m gonna call you Mimiffstress. I can’t speak for staff, but I can’t imagine anything you’ve done has endeared you to them. For as long as you refuse to go through the proper procedures to prove you’re an adult (contact [email protected] to get that done), anything you make will consistently be delete-on-sight anyway (look as far back as post #2340332), and you refuse to adhere to site principles like “tag what you see”. There is absolutely nothing these characters have in common that warrants them being tagged mimiff, but still you persisted in adding these kinds of tags to literally two thousand posts. All the while, you’re pretending to be a completely different person, as if you haven’t been consistently caught ban-evading.
Your made up terms are of no value to us whatsoever, and your deep mimiff lore means absolutely nothing to us. You’ve been doing this nonsense for literally a year and you’ve collectively gone through more than 20 banned accounts. Your CWC-esque lunacy has permanently soured any attempt you might make to categorize any artwork of your various species.If there needed to be a unified species tag for Klonoa and Klonoa-lookalikes, that would’ve been something to start a thread over. If you wanted to have a species tag for your artwork in particular, then that probably would’ve worked out just fine. Hell, I think people would’ve outright ignored you. Instead, you chose to respond by just creating a bunch of headaches for everyone involved. As they say: “the nail that sticks out gets hammered down.”


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