Children’s detective movie (late-90’s)

(Ok, TOMT is being very difficult, removing for NSFW for some reason, so ill just post here.)

In July 1999 I was about 9, and spent the week at my grandmothers. On tv, I recall this man had gone missing (JFK jr), and it seemed like a big deal. (A few months earlier I was also spending the week there, and it just so happened to be when Columbine happened.)

Oddly (due to her age), she had a subscription to Showtime, and I recall watching the premier of “My Giant” and “Barneys First Adventure”. But I also saw this other film, that may not have been on Showtime, but due to me remembering the previous two, it seems to fit. Like many TOMP posts, there's not a significant amount of detail, but I figure why not.

It was about a girl, 12-14ish, who loved detective media. She couldn't afford a plan/train ticket to see a relative, but in her apartment building there was some crime that occurred, and it had a reward attached. Now it also may have been her friend (who was a boy) who needed the reward money to help or to go see his mom. Obviously they solve the case, and win the money. Ands that's it…It was very PG feeling, not hugely cinematic (hence the TV movie possibility), and definitely form the mid-to-late 90's. (Aesthetically, it felt similar to that one Nickelodeon film “My Brother the Pig” which I may also have seen that week.)

TL;dr. Late 90's, made for tv, children's detective film. Very PG, tween girl main character, reward money helps friend (boy) see his mother.

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