Don’t be afraid to love (or not) movies no critics or audiences love (or not). Sometimes movies just sing your song

There have been a number of movies that have gotten really low ratings everywhere that I really like to love. A Hong Kong movie called China Strike Force comes to mind. It got only a 5.3 on imdb and the plot is bare and cliche and Mark Dacascos and Coolio as villains is laughable but there’s things that appeal to me, it’s directed by Stanley Tong (Jackie Chan movies, Swordsman II for you fellow HO aficionados) and has amazing stunts (flying triple kick and racecar driving under a semi were bonkers) and moves quickly while keeping me invested, it’s got Hong Kong superstar Aaron Kwok and Taiwanese superstar Lee Hom Wang who provide light and fun buddy cop humor and really catchy songs to the soundtrack (ok Coolio too), for the Japanese language learner in me there’s Noriko Fujiwara, and even Mark Dacascos and Coolio fit and add to that world.

It’s just a great time with always something to keep my interest that I never would’ve given a chance if I went by ratings alone. An aside but I wonder if this watching by elements rather than rating is why I watch so much more Netflix.

What do you think?

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