I want my 3 hours back after viewing Stalker

I hated it. I want my 3 hours back.

I understand a movie can stand on its quality and message rather than its enjoyment. In fact, something like Eraserhead comes to mind, it's a hard to watch film that leaves me feeling dirty, but I understand it and can appreciate it on a fundamental level.

Stalker felt like it was wasting my time and sucking my soul dry. No one was interesting. The supernatural and strange elements were barely touched on and felt like more of a tease than anything. The three main characters rarely interacted in a way that lead me to believe that anything mattered between them. Segments of the film dragged forever for the only reason to create tension that never had any resolve or pay off. I as an audience member caught on about an hour in and lost all sense of tension, I knew nothing was going to “pop”. So I got bored. I takes A LOT for me to get bored, I enjoy the most dialogue heavy films, but man, this film actually leaves me angry.

What do you think?

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