My Cake Day penis joke:

A guy goes to the beach for vacation, and he really wanted to impress the ladies on the beach. He worked out a bunch, tanned in advance, and bought a tiny banana hammock bathing suit for himself.

Each day, he put on his tight budgie smuggler and began walking the beach, smiling at the bathing beauties, yet he didn’t have any luck with the opposite sex. But he noticed that a guy, who was (maybe) a 5 out of 10 at best, was surrounded by beautiful women! After a few days of seeing this scrawny, unattractive guy pulling all the chicks, he decided to go ask him, what was his secret?

The guy whispered to him in a very Yoda-like tone, “Tomorrow, when you go walking on the beach, just put a potato in your bathing suit.”

The tourist nodded and smiled; it made so much sense!

So the next day, the guy put a potato into his Speedo and hit the beach. To his surprise, the ladies stayed even further away from him!

He walked down the beach to the nerdy gigolo and asked, “Hey, I put a potato in my bathing suit like you said, but the ladies won’t come anywhere near me!?!”

The scrawny dude looked at him and said, “Try again tomorrow, but this time, put the potato in the front.”

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