My car was stolen and crashed by a gang of 14 year olds

It was a minor collision

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  1. …with major consequences. Two of the kids died in the accident. The investigation revealed severely worn brakes, which were believed to have been the cause. Now you’re on the hook because the surviving kids claim that you encouraged them to take the car knowing full well that the brakes were shot. The DA offers you a deal: 10 years, 5 suspended, you’re out in 36 months with good behavior. Your lawyer says you might win, but you never know with juries these days. You take the deal. While serving time, your wife leaves you and takes the kid. Without a father’s guidance, her life hits hard times and she gets in with the wrong crowd. The cycle of crime perpetuates and she’s strung up on prostitution and drug charges. When you finally get out, your family and friends want nothing to do with you. You live out the rest of your miserable days nursing any bottle you can find.

    Alternatively, you can take your car into Meineke, where your friendly neighborhood mechanic can fit your new brakes and get you back on the road living the American dream.

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