My essay is about the falling waffle in Simple_waffle.webm


As it falls down at around 2:10, you notice the song is getting more intense. At 2:11 the wonderful moment happens, where this Simple yet Magical waffle falls and trips over, it is not an easy task to witness it, then you have firstly to watch 131 seconds containing a standing waffle on a stove while playing wonderful and inspirational music in the background. This video is truly life-changing as ever since I watched it, I’ve been thinking of it, and it hasn’t left my head since. This is also why I’m writing an essay about it, to express its true glory. The rest of this webm file is just the waffle but has fallen over. At 2:33, beats start repeating themselves until the song starts again. Or so you think, then at 2:58 the video ends. We also can’t forget about the fact, that the webm extends its length until it can’t anymore. All in all, I recommend it, as I’ve mentioned, it’s extremely life-changing and calming.

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