My first experience with my GF farts

Me (21M) and my girlfriend (21F) always had kinky sex, since i remember, we always loved doing ass-related stuff, like rimjob, fingering, etc. At the beginning of the relation, i was not into farts at all, it was not even a thing for me, didn’t think about it. One day when we were together for 4 months, i was laying down using my gf’s ass as a pillow after some good fucking sex, and she was taking a nap after playing some clash royale on her phone. My cheek was on her ass and basically my nose was pointed directly to her pinky asshole. I was pointblank range. At the date, i was not into smell things too, but god, the smell i was sniffing was getting me rock hard again. A mix of sex, my cum, her cum, and her unwashed ass after a work day, all that together was giving me the privilege to smell all the bests smells and scents that my beautiful GF could produce (poor me, didn’t know the best was about to happen). I was about to sleep too (she was already sleeping) when suddently i heard something like a (ppffffttt), a 4 second-long SBD coming out of her pinky asshole right on my nose, and GOD, what a GORGEOUS sound… i will never forget that! I’m rock hard just by remembering. The smell hit me hard, it was a sulphuric-eggy smell (we had ate ramen with eggs that night). I was not into fart stuff at the date as i mentioned, but instantly my dick got throbbing hard and i was thinking “am i a freak? i am getting hard by my gf stinky fart?”. After my shock passed, i looked into her face and she was COMPLETELY asleep, so she didnt know what was happening. In a sec, i buried my nose right back into her asshole (in the same position i was before) HOPING to get another fart so i could sniff it HARDER on purpouse or i could TASTE it. I WAS IN BEAST MODE WANTING FOR MORE, even tho i didn’t had have time to think about it, about how in love i was with my GF smell. i was impressed with how sexy can my woman be, even when farting. About 5 minutes later, i can hear a BIG and BASSY fart coming out of her hole, like “brrrttffff”, it started like a explosion and ended silently and airy, and AGAIN the smell hit me, but this time it was DISGUSTING and PUNGENT, i could feel my entire body getting hot and falling in love with THAT SMELL. I was prepared this time, i didn’t lost a single second and a single breath of that shitty-eggy-sulphuric smell. I was breathing hard and unstopping, getting every single bit of that wonderful scent. I’ve felt a sensation that ive never experiencied before, it felt like i was about to cum but my entire body was felling it. I was trying not to make any sound breathing so i wouldn’t wake her up. I was stunned and filled with anxiety to get another one. The shitty smell lasted for like 1 minute and then dissipated ( i sniffed it all lol), but then, before i could recover myself, another SBD fart comes out “shhhpppft” (like 2 seconds long), but DAMNNNN it was the stronger one. Man it was so strong that i could TASTE the egg that she ate just by opening my mouth… I was in heaven… I smelled every single bit of that till it ended. That was the last fart that night.
Then i just cuddled with her without saying a word, but my head was SHOCKED.

This was the day that me fetish became real and the first day ive got farted on the face. The first of tons HAHA lol

Nowadays we are a farting couple that do farting in EVERY SEX.
After i told her about my fetish, she indulged and fall in love by farting on my face.

If you guys want i can write about the day i told her that this happened and about my fetish.
Have A LOT of experiences to say too.

We are planning in making a Farting onlyfans (with face farting, fart eating, fart fucking and fart worshipping) , if you guys are interested let me know please!

Sorry my bad english, we are a brazilian couple.

We have a video on pornhub, u can search for FartLovingCouple .

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