my friend loves blitz/o 100% and loves women

**I wanna point out that you are the goofiest hsit ive ee seen in all my life and i hate you sm which is exactly why blitzo is better than you. Yes he is a emon but he still alya ns bwra toue a hwa ao hor ns rhw qy hq fights and uses his gns is so pretty and his colorpallette is amazing nd it demonstrates what we as humans believe demons look like which is eally cool but blizo is different because is skin is so glossy and his horns and hes so UGH and beautiful and you can never compare to his beauty no matter what you do yo stanky as hoe. I bet he smells really nice which ofc he does bc hes hot so like hoy people smell nice mmainly blitzo because your not him and he is him so like haha very funny bozo anyway he also has the prettiest eyes ive ever seen their black and full of the fire in hellehich i think is really hot i could stare into those eyes all day whenever i look at his eyes i can feel the fire of hell in them and it warms me up and gets me so exciteetd and happy and i love blitzo so much im pretty little blitzy blitz i love him so much plus his hands are so fine and slender and id love to hold them and i bet their really soft despite everything he does like his killng job plus alongside his hands i love seeing how smug he looks when things go his way and he grows up his middle finger like to veroshika or whatever the fuck that btches name is ugly ass hoe no wonder blityzbaby broke yup with you ugly ass stank ass itch bet your coochie smell oml/. Anyway i love is outfit too because ike it demostartes his fit so well and he looks so hot n his clothes and yk hes ook even hotter with it off but thats a different story lmao blitzos personality too is so amazing hes so funny and comical and carrying and i love his interactions with all the characters it shows off his personality so well and ts one of the reasons i love my blitzy litzybliblibabwaby so much if you dont like blitzo your an asshole ill killl you**

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