(Note: Read in guy fiery voice)

A dEeP fRiEd QuAdRIpPlE cHeEsE bAcOn BuGeR iN a SoFt TaCo ShElL wItH BaCoN cArNiTaS iN BuD lIgHt BeEr BaTtEr WiTH fLAmInG hOt ChEeToS dUsT dEeP fRiEd AgAiN aNd WrApPeD iN a BlUeBeRrY cRepE wItH cArOlInA rEaPeRs AnD dOrItOs FlAmInG rEd Hot WiTh OuR sPeCiAl sAlSa VeRdE iNfUsEd WiTh MoUtAiN dEw BaJa BlAsT aNd MoNsTeR eNeRgY dRiNk SeRvEd WiTh A lImItEd EdItIoN SiRaChA cOn CarNe TaBaScO iNfUsEd BlOoDy MaRy WiTh AbSoLuTe VoDkA
yEaH fLaVoR tOwN!!!

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