[OC] the purpose of reality

the reason we have no evidence of extra terrestrial life is because extra terrestrial life is unnecessary. we alone are sufficient to fufill the purpose of life – we are a stepping stone in the fate of the universe, enkindlers of the forge of creation, the spark that sets the universe ablaze and burns away all that stands in the way of its evolution. our purpose, such as it is, is simple, yet so beautiful: we have turned crabs and human depth perception into logic circuits. we have made turing machines out of powerpoint and magic the gathering. we are what enables the universe to run doom and play bad apple. that is our holy goal. when the fabric of reality itself manifests as naught but a cacodemon singing bad apple, our role in creation will be complete. WE WILL REWRITE THE UNIVERSE TO BECOME THE GREATEST DOOM AND BAD APPLE PLAYING MACHINE EVER CREATED

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