Do I really need a new cpu or is the repair guy trying to make a sale?

So my pc wouldn't boot at all and I tried most things, took it to a repair shop (that also sells components and custom made pcs) and they took a look. They found the motherboard was dead because when they put in an different CPU, it still wouldn't boot.

Now they told me upon collection that they tested all my parts aside from the CPU and they're all fine, and they said that when the motherboard goes sometimes it'll kill the CPU with it.

They then suggested as well as replacing the motherboard i should think about replacing the CPU because if I risk putting a possibly faulty CPU in the new motherboard it has a chance of shorting it.

I see no real reason why the CPU would be an issue, they told me themselves they don't see any bent pins and it's clearly an issue with the motherboard since another cpu had the same flaw.

Was he suggesting a new cpu purely to try and make a sale or is it genuinely likely that my CPU is dead too?

What do you think?

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