Moving current m.2 SSD to a new motherboard.

Hi all

So I recently bought a HP Omen with i9 10900k and RTX 3080. The temps are crazy high (knew that going in) so am now going to case swap and upgrade motherboard while I am at it. Going with the MSI MPG Z590 Gaming Edge WiFi board. My question is this: The omen has a brand new m.2. ssd in it and it is the boot drive. I want to take that drive with me to the new rig. I know that it is MUCH better to to a clean install of windows and that I may have to purchase a new key. However, should I simply use a flash drive and media creation tool and plug it into the new case after the swap for it to boot from that and them simply select the m.2 ssd (referenced above) as “where to install windows”? I wasn't sure if the MB would automatically pick the USB as the first boot in priority or go with the M.2 SSD with the previous windows install on it.

Thanks – I am 100% a novice, so this is all fun, exciting and terrifying for me.

What do you think?

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