People taking pandemic pets to shelters what the hell is wrong with you?

People taking pandemic pets to shelters what the hell is wrong with you?

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  1. ..I’d rather have them take their pets to a shelter than whatever else they might come up with.

    Yeah that’s rough, but maybe they don’t have other options. We don’t know what their situation may be – so if you ever find yourself in that position, let it be known that you can find help.

  2. If you have a pandemic pet. Cat or dog, or whatever and live in Sweden/Norway/Denmark/Finland message me with info. I will gladly take the poor thing off your hands. I can only take on one or two individuals. Don’t throw them outside.

    Edit: I can’t do reptiles. Not because I lack the will but I lack equipment and knowledge when it comes to reptile care. I’m experienced with mammals of all sizes though.

  3. It’s heartbreaking that the people that are returning their pets didn’t think the adoption through. Having a companion animal is, and/or should be, a life-long commitment. Sharing your life with an animal is a privilege. It is not a right and it certainly is not something to be done on a whim or to relieve boredom or loneliness. These are living, sentient beings not a pair of shoes you suddenly realized you didn’t like.

    The people that are returning these poor, confused animals should be put on a country-wide ‘do not adopt’ list.

  4. I had to put down my old, sick cat during the pandemic. I had no heart to adopt another pet. I also have another cat who is fine, but doesn’t like other animals, so it wouldn’t have worked out anyway.

  5. They are self-centred, short-term-thinking, impulsive morons. What else? They are all about “my happiness in the moment is all that matters”. So they get a pet, don’t think long term about the commitment it will require and the challenges especially if there is no one that can be home during the day to look after the pet…

    Just self centred bozos. The fact that they can so easily detach from the animal also tells you how shallow they are .

    (Okay I know not all of them are like this. Some may have thought they could keep works ng from home but that didn’t work out)

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