People who aren’t grateful for the Armed Forces are disgusting.

Every single WWII vet has more courage in an eyelash than 99.9% of modern Americans have in their entire bodies (me included). I’m eternally grateful for their sacrifice so I don’t have to spend my life saying konnichiwa to my coworkers at the concentration camp as we try to decide if we want spaghetti or fettuccine for lunch today.

Also, this sub seems to have a disproportionate number of Europeans who will undoubtedly reply to this post with some variation of “but in my country…” So I’ll just preemptively say that I couldn’t care less about your irrelevant country, seeing as I won the lottery at birth and am a citizen of literally the greatest country in the history of the world (which achieved that status in no small part due to everyday men who willingly made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of liberty).

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