People who put “lol” after everything you comment, why?

People who put “lol” after everything you comment, why?

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  1. I don’t put it on everything I comment/text, but I use it a lot more than I’ve noticed others. My reason is because I want to make sure I’m portraying a positive “mood.” Perhaps because I’m likely to take things the wrong way myself or maybe some other reason, not sure.

  2. Not everything, but even if it’s annoying at times, tone carries horribly over text. So i add lols and lmaos so they don’t think I’m saying something that can be sarcastic or a joke as an insult.

    Idk why western countries hate voice messages. It’s faster, conveys tone, and fun-ner.

  3. Someone said it but it’s a nervous habit or sort of softens the blow so I don’t seem too confrontational even online- It’s like a nervous laugh so people know I’m not trying to offend.

    Also sometimes I’m just genuinely laughing/smirking and “lol” is a more subdued way of showing that lol.

  4. I use it to try and depict tone. My ADHD ass is so worried about the messages I write. I also overthink that when I make a statement or something it comes accross super mean or something so gotta toss in ol’ faithful…lol

  5. The excessive use of “lol” and “lmao” is an indication of insecurity and awkwardness. When they cannot think of any actual response to what you have commented, they resort to one of these two phrases in order to appear casual. In reality, they are scared of what you said.

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